Saturday, August 27, 2011

Smile for a while...

Operation Smile is a non-governmental organisation specialising in the provision of free cleft lip and pallet surgery in Africa and beyond. I have joined them on a few missions, the Congo and Rwanda, both extremely magical and thought provoking, life changin none the less. Unfortunately I couldn't join them on the Madagascar mission, but I did send a little piece of me with them: needless to say I was honored when they asked me to design the Madagascar 2011 Mission T-Shirt. So, here it is.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Local Market...

This post is way overdue...but it has been quite the wild few months and at last I have time to breath, think and you, to you whom must know about 'The Local Design and Food Market'.

If you asked me what it takes to set up a successful market, theoretically, I would tell you that you're asking the wrong person. But what i would tell you is that it can not be done without putting your heart and soul into it. I would also tell you that to the world hope, passion and purity might be naive, but it was with this exact naivity that the 'Local Design and Food Market' founders Sarah-Jane Barnhoorn and Stefni Muller, approached their dream.

The first market was held on the 7th of July 2011, during the well-attended Knysna Oyster Festival. Sarah and I had three hours to showcase our vision to the public, to lay our hearts bare and create something different, raw, authentic-we had no idea what to expect. We were blown away by the amount of feet that moved through the market space, food sold out and most of our exhibitors all sold something. Our first market!

There were many hands that helped, that we could not have done without. I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I still choke up telling people about the first 'Local Design and Food Market'. And most of all, I would like to share with Sarah my gratitude and love for partnering with me on this beautiful adventure...Sarah Dearest, you are an authentic, pure, green eyed wonder, I commend you and look forward to the next 'Local Market'.

Please visit us at
or and don't miss the next one!!

Stefni x

change: to undergo transformation or transition I am with almost everything I own (apart from my trusty sidekick Roxy).

Three days into a new job and already a mess. When peeps does one get time for everything else in life when you work a 9 to 5...welcome to the real world...surely not!?! I packed on Wednesday, left on Thursday, settled in by Sunday and moved my warehouse studio space into a 3x3m room...don't ask. I now live in suburbia...Stellenbosch and it is quite the change from the rustic slow life I had back in sleepyhollow town Knysna.

I currently spend my day time hours @ 'The Farmer's Daughter', lifestyle showroom and workshop. Handmade goods, from top designers and artists in South Africa- jewellery, pillows, ceramics, fabric bags, belts, objects, ornaments, clothes and raw honey, muesli and even handmade biscuits...I come home every morning! Situated on the corner of Bird and Church street...this showroom has a chic farmstall feel, with a twist of vintage antique. Cosy, homey yet top notch elegance and sophistication.

Proud to be South African, come support our creatives x

Thursday, May 26, 2011

misty winter mornings

i arrived at the studio early this morning, noticing the whole town swept away in a cloud of mist. the edge of the lagoon and its temporary lodgers lay silently, barely visible. And it seemed as if the trees were whispering secrets to sleepy hollow passersby.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

p guillaume pienaar

fellow friend, adventurer, creative and architect extraordinair...
p guillaume pienaar.
i am inspired daily by guillaume's passion for life, for love and for the art of architecture. his work is authentic and original, with every project aiming to create a form of shelter, a safe place and focuses on creating a space that becomes a home for generations to come. every house is an expression of guillaume's love for thought prevoking detail. not intrigued by quantity but instead driven and excited by quality...this is authenticity in it's purest form.
if you fancy a look at some of the houses and projects he has done give him a shout at

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Monday, May 16, 2011

presents for Bella

these little characters have been residing in my studio for quite some time now- patiently arbing, observing and waiting. on the 11th of May this year, they took their first steps outside my creative space and into the world of 4 year old Bella as she celebrated her 4th year of existence. unfortunately i can not claim the production of these fildt fingerpuppets but i am responsible for the wrapping- individual fabric triangles in asorted colours to be strung together afterwards to make up a string of flags to decorate Bella's room.
i am at my happiest when handmade creations find their way into others lives and puts a smile on their face...

happy birthday Bella x

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